Training Programs

PFit is ideal for anyone looking to improve their sport-specific performance. Our programs are designed for youth, collegiate, and professional athletes, as well as adults, or teams looking to improve their overall results. All of our programs are designed with fun and injury prevention in mind. Our Adult Program is designed for adults looking for a more challenging training program – perhaps in preparation for a specific event (such as a road race, triathlon, extended hiking trip, or bike race), or individuals aiming for improved performance in a particular sport such as golf or tennis.

Small Group Programs

We offer small group (3-6 people), sport-specific training. This is a fun and challenging environment where you still receive one-on-one attention – at a reduced cost. Programs are designed not only for athletes, but also for friends, co-workers or anyone who wants to train together.

Team Training Programs

High school and collegiate teams train with PFit to gain an advantage during the season. Our customized programs are designed to improve linear speed and multi-directional skill development with an emphasis on strength training, bodyweight-resistance power development, cardiovascular development and speed-ratios that apply to specific sport demands.

Let Pfit come to you! Let us join you during practice and put the team through speed, agility, and coordination drills. We will work on footwork, hand eye coordination, strength, as well as vertical and lateral speed. Get your team changing directions quicker, jumping higher, running faster and playing harder. College and professional coaches are using these exact tactics to increase the performance of athletes all over the country – pre-, during, and off-season. Let us bring your team to the next level.

Elite Programs

PFit is ideal for Division 1 and elite level athletes looking for physical stimulus that will push the boundaries of athletic performance. Our programs put an emphasis on applied and measurable performance along with skills-tuning.