For the family: enjoy a family loan and finance your projects

Just as your family evolves over time, our money loans adapt to your needs. Life is strewn with great events for which we can accompany you with flexible financing solutions. Discover our family loan solutions.

For the major stages of your life

family loan

For the training of your children in a private school through the birth of baby, the development of new rooms in your home, there are many times when financial assistance can be useful. The family loan is precisely a financing solution that adapts to your needs while respecting your budget.

Our conditions


Multi-credit is the ideal partner to get a family loan that respects your budget. Take advantage of an individualized offer leading to the best interest rates on the market! In addition, you benefit from maximum flexibility for your loan:

  • Amount from 3’000 to 300’000 Chf according to your needs
  • Repayment over a period of 1 to 7 years, with the possibility of early repayment to save on your interests
  • Including death insurance, monthly insurance in case of illness, accident or possible inability to gain maximum security for your family loan

With Ease

We think that taking a loan for the family should be as simple as possible. For this reason, we simplify administrative procedures while guaranteeing you a loan:

  • Secure : all your data will be treated confidentially.
  • Professional : our agency has been active in the field for more than ten years.
  • Advantageous: Experience great flexibility for your loan combined with low interest rates.

Your request

family loan

Do you wish to benefit from a family loan to finance a particular project or to prepare for a great occasion? We are at your disposal to inform you.

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