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The loan comparison calculator is then used to identify a list of proposed banks and financial service providers that lend up to € 500,000 online. From the variety of input options, you can see that there is no relation to loans that are actually offered in your bank. Under time pressure, 500,000 euros loan can make the Federal President dangerous. Fr.80,000> Fr. 440,000; CHF 90,000> CHF 500,000; Not every loan corresponds to another loan.

Cash of 500 000 EUR – 500 posts per category

Cash of 500 000 EUR - 500 posts per category

The interest rates in my commercial bank, even in the middle range of interest rates of the net banks, were ultimately very advantageous. The network banks are cheap only for pure standard things, my a multi-family house, which is probably also complete first, even with a backup of another house to finance, are probably less so the absolute standard financing.

If you no longer want the bank, go to the next one, who has the CO2 bank, is initially happy, but only with good credit, even the Germans over the new customer, and the woba takes even the unpleasant savings bank customers with the kiss dog …………………………..

Risky real estate financing: what risks can be avoided?

Risky real estate financing: what risks can be avoided?

With your own four walls – for many citizens, a property counts as a stronghold. “Due to the favorable interest rates, consumers are constantly coming back to the consultation, who can no longer afford a property with closer consideration,” observed Hartmut Schures from Consumer Braes. Buyers should have a little change.

There are also banks that pay 100 per cent for a property, but that is usually expensive. That’s because “they usually pay a higher interest rate,” says Schures. According to Stiftungswärtest, the percentage of full financing of the selling price increases by 0.5 to 1 percentage point compared to 80 percentage points of the financing.

Such a model assumes that the total value of the property is increasing. If the property must be sold unexpectedly, the capital must be sufficient to repay the loan. “The buyers should bring 30 percentage points of their equity,” advises Schures. According to FMH-Finanzberatung, the average interest rate for mortgage loans with a ten-year term increase is currently 1.29 per cent.

Just a few years ago, banks demanded interest rates of around 3 per cent in such cases. For longer fixed interest periods, credit institutions charge a premium. According to FMH, the average interest rate on loans with a term of 20 years is 2.06%. “If the follow-up financing is then pending, it can come into play,” says Schures.

Customers can ask their caregiver to calculate the risk of interest rate increases. Then they know what the interest rate will be after the end of the commitment period, when the interest on the follow-up loan rises to 5 or 6 percentage points. This is recommended by family W. Noth, if the interest is then too high, the interest obligation should be higher.

The risk that customers take over the repayment financially, the higher, the lower the repayment is. Because with a low repayment rate, the monthly installment to be paid to the house bank is low, explained the decommissioning of the University of Witten. For example, a monthly rate of EUR 1000 will be enough to complete a loan of EUR 5,000 with a 10-year fixed rate at an interest rate of 1.4 percentage points and a repayment of 1 percentage point, experts estimate.

However, such a loan must then be paid for a very long time. However, financial institutions often waive loans with such a low repayment, FMH owner Max Herbst explains: “Often the minimum repayment is 3%.” You can easily determine whether the debtors can afford a loan at all: “The interest rate should not more than 40 percentage points of net income, “recommends Herbst.

“The focus should always be on ensuring creditworthiness is sustainable and on being able to make a loan.” Rigid loan rates make the rate clear. If z. If, for example, buyers have been expecting children, the salary is often lower, at least during the time of education, because one of the partners takes care of the toddler at home.

“If I can lower the lending rate in such a case, gives me the air,” explains Herbst.The conclusion: “Loans with flexible repayment option are usually a bit more expensive,” says Schures. “Prospective buyers often have Right to state funds – but many do not know that. “Many Intrasavings bank promotional banking programs are not included in the funding, although there is a possibility,” knows Schures from his daily work as a consultant.

“However, consumers often have to take action themselves and ask for advice,” says Schures. “Many consultants offer this because they want to sell their products,” Schures warns.

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